Employee Letters

folder Employee Letters

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document Centrelink Notice of Terminations
document Christmas End of Year Party
document Christmas Shutdown Notice
document Confirmation of Change in Position
document Confirmation of Changed Employment Terms
document Conversion from Casual Employment
document Employee Request for Flexible Work Under NES
document Excessive Absenteeism Letter
document Leave Without Pay Approval Letter
document Letter Abandonment of Service - Termination
document Letter Abandonment of Service - Warning
document Letter Advising Stand Down
document Letter Application Acknowledgement
document Letter Application Unsuccessful
document Letter Application Unsuccessful Post Discussion
document Letter Conduct Performance - Final Warning
document Letter Conduct Performance - Warning
document Letter Confirmation of Employment (Current Employee)
document Letter Confirmation of Termination (Performance & Behaviour)
document Letter Probation End Early
document Letter Probation Extension
document Letter Probation Successful
document Letter Probation Unsuccessful
document Letter Resignation Confirmation
document Letter Salary Review - No Pay Increase
document Letter Salary Review - Pay Increase
document Notice of Suspension Pending Investigation
document Parental Leave Approval to Extend
document Parental Leave Refusal to Extend
document Parental Leave Request Acceptance
document Payroll Deduction Authority
document Redundancy Confirmation
document Request Take Excessive Annual Leave
document Request to Attend Independent Medical Assessment
document Statement of Service - Leaving Employee
document Voluntary Redundancy Confirmation

HR Policies & Procedures

Compliant Workplace Policies, Employment Contracts, HR Forms, HR Correspondence & Checklists

Advice & Guidance

Managing underperforming staff, Redundancy, Termination & Dismissal, Managing ill or injured staff, Interpretation of Awards

Workshops & Coaching

Ramping Up Performance of Employees, Improving Team Effectiveness, Building Awareness of Bullying/Harassment, Improving Recruitment & Selection Skills

Workplace Investigations

Expert Investigation of Workplace Complaints, Independent Investigation of Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour, Training in what is/isn’t appropriate behaviour