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document Absenteeism Policy
document Anti-Discrimination Policy
document Armed Hold Up Policy
document Background Checks Policy
document Centrelink Notice of Terminations
document Code of Ethics & Business Conduct Policy
document Company Mobile Phone Policy
document Confidentiality Agreement - Volunteer or Work Experience
document Confirmation of Change in Position
document Confirmation of Changed Employment Terms
document Conflict of Interest
document Conversion from Casual Employment
document Disability Policy
document Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Form
document Dress Standards and Grooming Policy
document Email & Internet Policy
document Email, Internet and Computer Systems Usage Policy
document Employee Record Form
document Employee Request for Flexible Work Under NES
document Employee Self-Assessment during Probation Form
document Employee Termination Record Form
document Employment Contract - Casual
document Employment Contract - Fixed Term (non award)
document Employment Contract - Full Time (Clerks)
document Employment Contract - Full Time (non award)
document Employment Contract - Full Time Award Covered with IFA
document Employment Contract - Full Time Award Covered with Offset
document Employment Contract - Full Time Commercial Traveller Salesperson
document Employment Contract - Full Time Executive
document Employment Contract - Maximum Term (non award)
document Employment Contract - Parental Leave Replacement
document Employment Contract - Part Time (non award)
document Employment Contract - Part Time Award Covered with Offset
document Employment Contract - Part Time Clerks
document Environment Policy
document Equal Opportunity Policy
document Expense Claim Form
document Flexible Hours & Time In Lieu Policy
document Flexible Work Arrangements Under NES
document Freedom of Association Policy
document Grievance Policy
document Guarantee of Annual Earnings
document Independent Contractors Agreement
document Individual Flexibility Agreement
document Intellectual Property Policy
document Letter Advising Stand Down
document Letter Confirmation of Employment (Current Employee)
document Letter Probation End Early
document Letter Probation Extension
document Letter Probation Successful
document Letter Probation Unsuccessful
document Letter Salary Review - No Pay Increase
document Letter Salary Review - Pay Increase
document Manager Assessment of Employee Probation Form
document Motor Vehicle Policy
document New Employee Checklist
document Non Disclosure Agreement
document Notice of Suspension Pending Investigation
document Pay Slip
document Payroll Advice: Personal Details Form
document Payroll Deduction Authority
document Performance Improvement Action Plan
document Personal Mobile Phone Policy
document Policy Acknowledgement Form
document Privacy Collection Statement
document Privacy Policy
document Probationary Period Policy
document Receipt for Company Property
document Recognition & Service Award Policy
document Record of Employee Meetings Form
document Relationships in the Workplace Policy
document Release Agreement
document Request to Attend Independent Medical Assessment
document Right of Entry Policy
document Salary Sacrifice Agreement
document Social Media Policy
document Stand Down Policy
document Suspension of Employment Policy
document Time off in Lieu Policy
document Timesheet Casual Employee
document Travel Expense Policy
document Voluntary Redundancy Confirmation
document Volunteer or Work Experience Agreement
document Whistleblower Policy
document Working From Home Approval Form
document Working from Home Policy
document Workplace Surveillance Policy
document Workplace Theft Policy

HR Policies & Procedures

Compliant Workplace Policies, Employment Contracts, HR Forms, HR Correspondence & Checklists

Advice & Guidance

Managing underperforming staff, Redundancy, Termination & Dismissal, Managing ill or injured staff, Interpretation of Awards

Workshops & Coaching

Ramping Up Performance of Employees, Improving Team Effectiveness, Building Awareness of Bullying/Harassment, Improving Recruitment & Selection Skills

Workplace Investigations

Expert Investigation of Workplace Complaints, Independent Investigation of Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour, Training in what is/isn’t appropriate behaviour