Workshops & Coaching

Highly engaging onsite delivery of a range of customised workshops plus effective coaching programs

We offer onsite delivery of a range of customised learning programs as well as highly effective coaching programs.

We are selected to deliver workshops because they are produced with tailored skill practice sessions that incorporate your organisation's policies, procedures and values. Most of us have come to realise that generic public workshops don’t produce lasting results.

Our expert coaches work on maximising the effectiveness of individuals. Some of our typical programs are:

  1. Ramping Up Performance
  2. Today’s Workplace Behaviours and Communications
  3. Improving Performance Review Discussions
  4. Improving Recruitment & Selection
  5. Coaching

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Typical Workshops & Coaching programs:

Ramping Up Performance

Often the hardest part of a manager’s job is speaking with employees about performance related issues. Nearly all manager’s dread initiating these kinds of conversations and many avoid them whenever possible, The Ramping Up Performance Workshop will detail a framework and specific tactics to use to gain more discretionary effort from the team or ramp up overall employee performance levels of your entire team.

Download course outline here pdf

Today’s Workplace Behaviours and Communications

As a Business Owner or Manager are you completely across the obligations employers have in regards managing instances of inappropriate behaviour. Has a complaint or an incident been raised with you and you’re not sure how to deal with this? Have you prepared for the new Workplace Bullying Laws that come into effect on 1 January 2014?

Download course outline here pdf

Improving Performance Review Discussions

Leading effective performance review discussions is a demanding task and most Managers admit that this is not an area of strength. A formal performance review system could be technically close to perfect, but it can still fall over quickly if attention is not paid to training participants in how to use the system effectively.

Download course outline here pdf

Improving Recruitment & Selection

Learn how to target the right competencies, prepare interview questions and structure the interview so that better hiring decisions can be made. Getting hiring decision right can be a challenge, minimise the risks of hiring the wrong candidate by holding this workshop in your organisation.

Download course outline here pdf


Simply put Your HRmanager’s Coaches work with individuals to maximise their effectiveness. Most often this starts with building an individual’s self-awareness, the establishment of key goals and examining closely what it will take to move towards the goals that have been created. We use contemporary behavioural profiles to build self-awareness and take time to examine how individuals should operate, not just what they do.

Download course outline here pdf