Workplace Investigation

Need an independent perspective on alleged inappropriate behaviour?

When a complaint is made about alleged harassment, bullying or discriminatory behaviour, an informal response is not appropriate. In order to maintain procedural fairness an independent workplace investigation into the allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour is warranted.

What's included: our independent workplace investigations ensure impartiality and provide documentation of the major sources of the complaint. A comprehensive report is produced, including recommendations where the evidence points to a need for changes to the employer's policies or procedures.

Why do I need an independent workplace investigation?

It is crucial that employers get this investigation right as it will form the basis of any disciplinary decisions made and will come under scrutiny if the employee later challenges your decision.

Employers can be held vicariously liable for harassment and bullying behaviour, so it is essential that a complaint be handled well.

An investigation should be considered immediately if a serious complaint has been lodged with the employer. An un-investigated complaint will leave the complainant dissatisfied , and if the complaint were justified, may simply see the person at fault emboldened and continue the conduct at more considerable levels, placing the workplace at increased risk.

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