Advice & Guidance

HR experts providing advice that safeguards your organisation

Have those challenging workplace relations issues in your organisation resolved with practical, plain english guidance. We ask the questions in order to understand what is desired and provide the right guidance in order to minimise the potential risks.

Our team of HR experts provide practical advice when it is needed, saving you the cost of employing a dedicated HR resource. We provide up to date advice on pressing HR challenges such as;

  1. Managing the disciplinary action of employees
  2. Dealing with and preventing unfair dismissal claims
  3. Managing and investigating workplace bullying/sexual harassment complaints
  4. Making employees redundant
  5. Interpreting and applying award provisions
  6. Resolving conflict between employees
  7. Answering questions regarding employer obligations and legislation

Costs: we can partner with you on a "retainer" basis or through the pre-purchase of an amount of consulting time. Contact us now for a quotation, or read more about how we partner with you to as Your HR manager, so you can get on with growing your business.

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