How we work

Choose how you wish to engage us

We recognise that when clients want assistance, they want it promptly, so typically we're engaged through having an agreed package of HR support in place.

For the majority of our services: we can partner with you on a "retainer" basis or through the pre-purchase of an amount of consulting time. This way we act as your HR Manager as and when you need us, available to provide assistance either through the phone or by email. On occasions where you may require our assistance on-site, this can be arranged.

For our Your HRdocs library: you can subscribe to Your HRdocs for an annual fee, providing access to an extensive library of policies, agreements, forms, correspondence and checklists, designed to make Human Resources (HR) and Work Health & Safety (WHS) management easy for your business.

For Independent Workplace Investigations, Career Transition Support and tailored Workshops & Coaching: we tailor these services to an individual organisation's circumstances; these services typically include time spent on-site working alongside you or in our offices. 

What makes us different is our personal approach: we propose advice that assists our clients in what they want to achieve and we deliver what they expect. 

We simply reduce the time you spend on employee related issues so that you can get on with growing the business.

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HR Policies & Procedures

Compliant Workplace Policies, Employment Contracts, HR Forms, HR Correspondence & Checklists

Advice & Guidance

Managing underperforming staff, Redundancy, Termination & Dismissal, Managing ill or injured staff, Interpretation of Awards

Workshops & Coaching

Ramping Up Performance of Employees, Improving Team Effectiveness, Building Awareness of Bullying/Harassment, Improving Recruitment & Selection Skills

Workplace Investigations

Expert Investigation of Workplace Complaints, Independent Investigation of Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour, Training in what is/isn’t appropriate behaviour